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Elizabeth Duvall Ailes Sells Land Daughter of Alexander Duvall

Duvall Land Records

    Know all men by these presents that I, Elizabeth Ailes of Franklin County and State of Indiana, daughter of Alexander Duvall, late deceased of Fayette County, and state of Pennsylvania, being on of the lawful heirs do agree to grant bargain and sell and forever quit claim all the write title claim and interest to a tract of land belonging to the heirs of the said deceased lying in Jefferson Township, Fayette County, State of Pennsylvania, adjoining lands of Eli Forsythe, William Forsythe, and the Monongahela River for and in consideration of the sum of Ninety dollars to me in hand paid by Hiram Duvall at and before the Sealing and delivering hereof the receipt whereof I do hereby acknowledge have remised released and forever quit claimed and by these presence do remise release and forever quit claim unto the said Hiram Duvall, his heirs and afsigns forever. As Witnefs wherof I have hereunto set My hand and seal the 11th day of April 1842
    Elizabeth Ailes (Seal)
    Charles Martin
    State of Indiana } ss
    County of Franklin}Personally came before me Charles Martin, on of the Justices of the peace in and aforesaid County, Elizabeth Ailes the above grantor and the full contents being maid Known to her she did of her own accord sign seal and acknowledge the above instrument to which this is annex to be her voluntary act and deed for the use and purpose therin contained without co-orcian or contraction from her husband. In Testimony whereof I have herunto set My hand and seals this 11-Apr. 1842
    Charles Martin, Justice of the Peace (SEAL)
    Recorded and Compared 9th December A.D. 1845

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Data compiled by myself and Helen Durbin & cousins in the late 1990's and later.

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