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Some JONES data to share but who was Noel Jones father?

Having first going looking for a Will for a NOEL JONES, none found that fit my man, what wee bit I knew about him. I dug many files and papers and over time, met many other researchers working this JONES line.  

Finally DNA became available and we did the DNA and yes we match to SILAS JONES SR, family kin.  That concurs with a letter written eons ago mentioning that our NOYES JONES was related to Silas JONES SR.  Having tracked many collateral lines of this family to find my missing link, having used Mr. Samuelsen site for data only to always learn, there is more missing than I suspected.

Attempting to find Silas JONES SR path from RI to NY was very difficult.  Learning that Dutchess Co. was involved has been an opening crack in the case. 
Then attempting to learn what the Beekman Patent had to do with Silas JONES Sr, I have learned that it also includes his father and many other JONES family members.

Right now I am doing more a collective research on all the family names that tied into Silas JONES Sr. family, suspecting  that there are some of his siblings in the muddled mix also.
Especially since I found Seth Jones mentioned also.

Blessed that one of the girls, downline kin  contacted me I was able to add another name.  Having met via writing and calls and visits many awesome, caring people digging up our roots.

I am Susan (Susi) Carol Jones Pentico born from Ray Dee JONES (Sr) to Carl Fremont Jones to Calvin F Jones, to Noyes Jones and Susan Madison. Noyes JONES was born in Renssaeler Co. NY. Jones Hollow area. 1809 according to court records supplied by his father. NOEL JONES and wife Susannah (?) Jones. 

2. 1810 census also lists NOEL and family, only census I have ever found him on.   He was supposedly born 1785 near Albany, NY.

3. Contacted Town Historians in region, found cousins doing this but not the answers needed. Data about family and names of various family members confirmed.

4. Joined Rootsweb mailing list long ago to learn more, post on my blog and on other places asking for assistance. Used your site.

5.  I am sort a, dangling here now with some information that was not given supported as fact.  :

My story : By reason of elimination, I have learned lots about this group of people and many scattered as did my own line left  Jones Hollow area around 1855 and headed towards Illinois,  (Nunda) , boys joined service for Civil War. My ancestor survived his one sibling did not.
They then moved on to Nashua, IA area to reside and expand.  My Dad was born in Waterloo, IA area.  

Family story from each of the lines down from Noyes and Susan Madison Jones was their son Noel born 1835 was killed in NY/MASS after 1850 and prior to their coming west.
I thought I could find data looking for OBIT or his Tombstone, nothing ever showed up.  But with all the siblings carrying this story and he no longer on census something happened to him.

Noyes Jones tombstone says 1808 for birth but court records say 1809.   We have no BC of course to early for that. Baptist Church records do not show him in Petersburg area records either.  Very few records.

Process of elimination brought me down to Noel JONES b 1785 (?) was probably the son of Abel JONES.  He also could be son of Ruscomb (spelling varies alot)  
Silas JOnes SR. had: 
Abel 1743 East Greenwich RI d 1 July 1835 Jones Hollow, Petersburg, Rensselaer Co. Ny, married Ruth Green.;
Roscomb/Ruscom  b 18 Mar 1746  RI   he marries Susannah b 1779 Dutchess ,Ny  a son Benjamin b abt 1810 Rensselaer Co. NY
Noel b 14 April 1748   m Whitford   (also  recorded as MOWTH)   

I first researched the oldest known children of Silas back wards to these three.   
What I learned watching the census was suddenly Abel had a younger child in his home, was it Noyes? Also when NOYES would be of age that person dropped out of Abel's 

I found only one item on Ruscom/Roscomb but was recently notified that he was the father of Noel JONES b 1785 but no information was given to say why or what they had to confirm this.

Noyes also on census is near Abel prior to Abel's death. Of course Jones Hollow as filled with family. Worked with Mabel Hewitt and Hulda Allen data, Town HIstorians that were and weren't related.

A side bar: I found a NOEL JONES of Rensselaer Co. NY who died in western NY. I have a lot of information on him. To many non fits to apply.
1. Noel Jones went to Utica area then down to 88888, he took with him one son Noel b 1813.  No mention of wife. no mention of Noyes Jones or others, he marries 5 times and his death was a real mess. I have court records on this man.   If it was him where was Susannah where was Noyes,  Why would he take one child and not another.  This is all on microfilm LDS library. This one was out of Rensselaer Co. by 1820 it appears.

2. many had a Noel Jones having to watch birth dates closely.  

3. Kin found all around this region and over in VT. Some may have been even in MASS. Rumor was Noel b1835 died there.

I have tried other sites for data, read many trees,  acquired many new family distant kin and it has been fun but this is frustrating.

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