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Harrison Duvall Data From Our Web Page

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Harrison Duvall

    Nelson's Biographical Dictionary and Historical Reference Book of Fayette County. pp 1174-5
       HARRISON R. DUVALL, a worthy and well known farmer of Luzern township, was born June
    6, 1829, in Luzerne township, and is the seventh son of Eli and Elizabeth (Richey) Duvall. Eli
    Duvall is a native of this county, but in his earlier years removed to Washington county, where
    he remained for a short time, when he retruned to Fayette county, in which he spent the rest of
    his life. He was an industrious and honorable man and acquired considerable property. He owned
     two farms which increased in value under his skillful management. He married Elizabeth Richey, 
    by whom he had eight children, three of whom are living. In politics he was a Whig, in religious 
    faith a Quaker, and died at the age of eighty-one years. Eli Duvall was the son of Alexander Duvall,
    a native of Franace, who emigrated to this country about 1719. He came at once to Fayette county
    and located near Brownsville, purchasing a farm of one hundred acres, which he improved and 
    beautified and upon which he lived all his life, rearing eight children, seven of whom were sons.
    He lived to an advanced age. Harrison R. Duvall was reared and educated in Luzerne township and
    has always lived on the farm, which he now owns. He has followed in the footsteps of his ancestors
    and made farming his business, of which by close application he has made a success. His first
    purchase of real estate was made in 1838, being a farm of one hundred and ninety-seven acres of
    first class land. Mr. Duvall, while not a member of church, carries out the principle of the Golden
    Rule in his daily life. In politics he is a Republican. He was twice married. First to Miss Ruth, 
    daughter of W.G. Crawford, in 1850, by whom he had five children, only one of whom is now living, 
    Harrison Duvall. Mrs. Ruth Duvall died in 1880 at the age of fifty years, and Mr. Duvall's second 
    wife was Miss Lizzie, daughter of Bartholomew and Minerva Lancaster, whom he married September 
    17, 1884, and they have one child, Anna E., born in 1886. Mrs. Lizzie Duvall was born in 
    German township in 1850.

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