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Colonel Joshua Fry is Potentially Ancestor of our FRY's.

Colonel Joshua Fry is Potentially Ancestor of our FRY's.

Many years ago in the 1980's and early 1990's. I did a lot of research on the Joshua Fry mentioned.
At that time I only had a Catrouch/Catherine Fry for comparing.   Born abt 1770 in VA. died about 1845 in Greene Co. PA. Lots of stories but none confirmed yet. We have partial list of her children with Henry Huffman dcd  Dec 1811 Jan 1812 when Will Read. I have not found his burial place but believe I have to go out across a field of unknown ownership and watch along the side of a creek of old to locate if it ever  could be done.

Since that time, I have found various data that implies 3 different men as her Father.  I have never found an Obituary or Death Notice for this woman. I have looked from Berkeley,VA  to Washington Co. Pa. including Fayette and Greene Co. PA.  Was seriously thinking of adding SE Ohio east of the Ohio River.   Many crazy tales have been shared on the history of this person.

Now I wish my brain could have recalled a couple things I read on Col Joshua Fry's spouse. No I do not add potential names to my tree,  Used to  think a  working tree and a for public to see tree would help but after 45+ years not going there now.

Colonel Joshua Fry died 31 May 1754 on Will's Creek, Ft. Cumberland on the Potomac River.
   " He  was a man of so clear a mind, so mild
      a temper,  and so good a heart that he never failed to
      enjoy the love  and esteem of all who knew or  were

      connected with him,  and he  was universally lamented."

 " Col.  Fry was buried near Fort  Cumberland, near
 Will's Creek, on May 31, 1754."
 Washington  and the army attended the funeral ;
  and on a large  oak tree, which now stands as a tomb
  and a monument to his memory, Washington cut the
 following inscription, which can be read to this  day :
 " Under this  oak lies the body of the good, the
 just and noble FRY.
 Col.  Fry left five children, viz :
 1. John, born May 7, 1737.
 2. Henry, born  October 19, 1738.
 3. Martha, born May 18, 1740. -
 4.  William, born Feb. 6, 1743, died July 1, 1760.
 5. Margaret, born May 15, 1744.
 Mrs.  Margaret Fry, wife of Col.  Joshua Fry, died
August 20, 1772.

He implemented the "Treaty of Logstown, an Indian Village."  just south of Pittsburg. 18 miles.

I have only received this recent information, since I read it so many years ago, I could not conceive attempting to say what I had read then.

But other Fry members have found more information and are sharing  so we may resolve this issue in a few years I hope.  

 If there are other Fry's looking do not hesitate to reach out to Helen S Durbin or I to share and garner  more information.  We are both on Facebook  under Greene Connections for Greene Co. PA besides replying here.  Thanks

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