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Henry Huffman Will Jan 1812 Greene Co. PA, w Catrouch FRY

 Henry Huffman whom deceased sometime between Dec 1811 and mid Jan 1812 when Will is used, had wife Catrouche, Catherine Fry/Frye.  

Having lots of information on this person, some must be correct some may be correct and very little is solidly proven.

Is she the Indian that Grandad could not remember the name of in the picture? When small Grandad could name all those faces but MOM did not let him write in the book. SO SAD in 1958 she sat him down and we had a special pencil and she filled in as many names as he could still remember.

He just called her his Grandma GreatGreatGreat and could not remember how many greats.

IS there anyone  out there with pictures of this line of Fry's in Greene Co. PA area/region, early?

WE have Fry's including Col Joshua Fry that were in this area about same time as our other lines.
That was reason for the FRY post but no one responded.

Names such as Abraham, Phillipus, Benjamin, are in various notes and files.

 Lose Ends::  Jacob Frey 1726-1770 and Susanna Sophia Frey 1724-1805
 son Abraham
Abraham Fry 3  Aug 1749 USA d 22 Nov 1789 Berkeley Co. VA  wife Elizabeth Winters 1750-1780 Abraham was married to elizabeth Winters that is part of the writeup about Peter

Elizabeth Winters had two sons and two daughters with Abraham FRY between 1765 and 1787.

Abraham FRY


Birth BEF 1750

Death BEF 1789 • Berklely, Virginia, United States

Notes I have under her are : possibly Peter Fry 1779  to 1870 and Susannah Huffman 1783- 1868  Hide family on ancestry.

Data saved on Catherine/Catrouch file

data on My Heritage,, b 1765 Greene Co. PA?? parent Phillipus Frye and Hannah Frye b Funk
sister Julianne and 3 others. Frederick  Loughman and henry Huffman SR.  Abraham Sarah Nancy phillip Jarob joseph Henry Joseph,and Rezin.
says Abraham Frye was gfather tree by Jan?

Lloyd Roupe found me this:

Subject: Abraham Fry

Hi Susi:
I found the Deed in Romney, the County Seat of Hampshire County, however, those Counties changed into other Counties during the late 1700's Time Period. Here is what I have in my Notes.
See Deed Book 11, page 370, Hampshire County, Virginia Court House Record for a list of Abraham Fry’s children ( late of Berkeley County, Virginia, decd bef 1798 ). Abraham had land on the "Waters of Cacapon". Hope this Helps. Lloyd

Will                                    1543      Nov  18  1853  Loughman                   Frederick                           Joseph Dunn et al                                 3   141                

1850 census for Loughman

an old link went to no longer working.

I also received a picture of Abraham's home from someone of the Greene Co. webpage.

There appears like normal to have more than one intersecting line for these families?

Appreciate help and feedback.

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