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Some Very Early New England Families We Claim AUG 2018

Some Surnames in my Tree Susan Jones Pentico as of 2018 August 7

Capt Mathew Fuller to
Lt. Samuel Fuller to
Samuel FULLER Jr1676-1716  MA=CT  wife  Elizabeth Thatcher 1672-1729 MA= CT

Mary dau m Joseph Tracy SR    CT.
His mother was Sarah Minor

Lt Hezekiah Tracy m Eunice Rood1746=1837 CT to VT hers CT to VT 1750=1808

Lydia Tracy  b1779   VT. m Rufus TROWBRIDGE b 1773 Maine

His father was Keeler Trowbridge and w Hannah Lovely  Need help with her.
M 1770 New Fairfield CT.

Caleb Trowbridge  1706-1759  Ct. father and wife Jemima Keeler 1713-1759  CT.

His father was Deacon T James Trowbridge 1664-  and Mary Beldon(Belding)1677-1737.

Her parents were Ralph Keeler and Jemima   ,
His father was Ralph KEELER and Grace Lindall

Rufus Trowbridge 1773 -1822 ME –VT
Lydia b 1779- 1856 VT. (?? Birth date in ?)

Prosper Trowbridge 1808  1850 VT-NY
Wife Margaret SHARPE  by NY
Her father was John Sharpe

Daughter Lydia Trowbridge  1841=1900 NY + IA
M 28 Oct 1860 Blackhawk Co. IA.

George Herbert  EASTMAN 1832 b  CT – 1910 IA
Parents Abijah Stoddard EASTMAN 1778-1852
Wife Esther THOMAS  ( interesting side bar)

Father Vespasion EASTMAN 1754- Ct to 1828 NY
Wife Eunice STODDARD minimal data
Her father Abijah STODDARD 1718=1776

                        SOURCE NOTES: Listed in the 1966 DAR Pat
                        !Abijah was killed in Rev. War at Crown

                        Abijah & his brother Eliakim married sister

                        !SOURCES: 1. Ancestral File 2. 1997 Ord
                        This information is as accurate as I kn
                        PARENTS: Rev. Anthony & Mary (Sherman) S
                        Abijah was a Pvt. in Capt. Oliver Parma

His father was Rev Anthony STODDARD 1678-1780 Ct.
Wife Mary Sherman 1691-1720

 Vespasion Eastman and Eunice Stoddard  had Abijah Stoddard

EASTMAN Data and kin known

John Eastman 1579  England
Son Roger 4 Ap 1610   -1694  m Sarah Smith 1632=1639( SHE CAN NOT BE MOTHER of

 Joseph if he born 8 Nov 1650 d 4 April 1692  wife Mary Tilton 8 Feb 1642
Father Peter Tilton 1620-1698-Elizabeth Frary 1620-1692

Peters’ father William Tilton 1585_  Ursula Pycroft

Peter EASTMAN b 20Jan 1684  d 1764  
Married Mehitable ROOT
Her parents Hezekiah ROOT and Mehitiable FRAIRY ( are the ladies siblings?)

Thomas ROOTE 1604-1694 and Elizabeth,  ?– 1691
His father was John ROOTE 24 June 1576  d 1640
Wife Mary Ann Russell

Mehitable FRAIRY da of Sampson FRAiRY 1642-1704 and Mary DANIELS

His father was John Frairy and Prudence Townsend

Her parents Robert Daniels and Elizabeth Morse.

Margaret Mae EASTMAN ** da of G H EASTMAN and  Lydia Trowbridge

marries Harvey Edward FOULK b 1867 Ill and d  {?} not proven
married 19 Oct 1892 Blackhawk Co. IA
**I personally knew this ggrandmother we exchanged letters for at least 9 years.She died Jan of the year I graduated  High School. 23 Jan 1958. Washburn, IOWA.
Thanks USN for loosing all my letters and pictures she shared. Still hurts 40 years later.

Pete Cooper,  I forgot to mark all the military will get back to you this is about half of all of them for Early America.

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