Friday, April 9, 2010

Library Resources for Genealogists

Library Resources for Genealogists

1. Magazines, Newspapers

2. CD's, Video's, DVD's

3. Resource Area, Encylcopedia's, Who's Who's, Maps, and Gazeteers, Phone Books, etc

4. History Section History of USA, Other Region's of the World

5. Genealogy Check Out normally near the History Section

6. Children's Section Interesting information to be used here

7. Genealogy Section Non Check out normally in or near the Reference Area

8. Computer access for and sites, plus other free sites.

At our library we have large non check out section that our society donates books to all year long. We set funds aside for new books to be purchased for this library every year. One year we bought the Library of Congress, Index set, very expensive. Members and Non Members donate books to our society which we in turn
give to the library for the communities and our needs. We also have periodicals, newsletters, and quarterlies from various societies through out the USA.

These are all there to assist the local community in their research. We
have a librarian team that comes in and works the shelves and accesses our books.
We have a person that if contacted with a need for a book will attempt to add this book to the library collection when and if it can be purchased.

We have genealogy members that come in to assist the library staff with helping
genealogy researchers with their needs. We have done this many years on Monday's every week for two hours. We have in the past had members there in the evenings for two hours and on weekends to assist people doing research so the staff can attend other needs.

We recently have gone back to being in the library and more visible to help the community with their research.

Our hours are 11 a m to 1 p m on Monday's in the corner by the window to help
researchers. We do talk but try to keep it low and encourage the patrons to come back
and enjoy the library more often.

Our hours on Wednesday's are 5:30 to 7:30 p m and in the same area.

We are attempting to set up some steady hours for Sunday's since our library is not open on Saturday's due to budget cuts. Library staff indicated they get a lot
of requests on Sunday's.

If our members would consider 1 hour every two weeks we could more than cover
the other hours so that people are there to help when needed. This is a great way to
meet other researchers, potentially meet new relatives of distance and work your
genealogy needs without interruptions like what happens at home.

Our Society is at 90 strong at this point of near it. So come on members give John F a call and sign up to learn how to share the library with potential future
genealogists. Signing off on behalf of being an active member of the Chula Vista Genealogy Society.

We invest a sizable sum into this community with our efforts and donations.
Come visit us or visit your library and learn the things that will help your
research that you have not used before.

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  1. O yes I am doing this at the library because my computer is in the shop so you can also have internet access and do free site researchers at the library. Two main links would be: and which is free but is affilated with Ancestry so will show an ancestry page when it comes up.
    For world research try: