Monday, April 26, 2010

Surprise for MOM's Birthday Need Your Help

Hi everyone since I am ordering supplies for the party I thought I would toss this idea out there for you all to see. I would love feed back if you would be willing to join in this surprise.

She will be 90 on the 29 of June. I would love to see if she could get at least 90 cards by her birthday as a memory of the event. That is asking you all to send her a card to remember her day.

My idea would be to do it for the month of June starting about the 15 or so.
She can read large print easily but a card that can be read to her would do just fine.

She was born and reared in Wyoming, all her children born in California but I. Dad has been gone for more than ten years. I just want to make this a very special day. This I think would fit the bill?

Do you think you could do this if I supplied the address to have you send the card?
It is a PO box so not a house address.


  1. I would love to. Send the address on to me.

  2. The girls of my Girl Scout Troop would love to send cards if you like. Please send address.

    Troop 736 from Girl Scouts of Eastern OK

  3. What a lovely idea