Monday, April 5, 2010

Sentimental Sunday Just Quaking

Sunday was sentimentally interesting. We shook, we rattled and we rolled then we did it all over again and again. About 3:50 in the afternoon, this happened. EASTER at that, yes it did.

I recall being in the commissary in the 60's when the freezer walked all the way over and pinned me with the grocery buggy to the cereal shelf. The cereal was falling every where. I had my children with me and I got them into the buggy for protection.

Some people were injured that day. I am not sure if the boys remember it or not.
They were probably 4 1/2 and 6 years of age.

Then in the 70's Alan cut his eye at school I had to leave hi rise in down town to come home pick him up take him to Coronado to DR at the base. As we were driving down the Silver Strand to come home around 2 something in the afternoon if I remember right. He suddenly says to me, " Mom what are those cars doing?" Well an earthquake was shaking, rattling and rolling. As I said to him it was an earthquake we zipped across the ground that was making a z pattern on the highway and also we moved from inside lane to out side lane and back to inside lane and I never moved the steering wheel. That was the day they (downtown) thought the two hi rises were going to collide on the top. My boss said he looked out his window, pinned against it with desk and was looking down on the sidewalk on the other side of the street on passenger side of the car. I have never overly liked a hi rise for that reason. It is an awful long way up to have to come down.

I have lived through many at my MOM's and in Sunnyvale and others here but those all stand out in my mind. Yes the shaking was longer than a minute I watch that type of thing. The sharp crack at 4:14 this am was a different type of quake it was a sharp shifting jolt, almost head snapping in nature. Yesterday we rolled and rolled and intensely rolled and the ceiling rolled and the air felt magnetic.

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