Friday, April 23, 2010

Our next super major adventure 1910 Celebration

This appears to be the start of our next super major event. Wow we are really going to busy the rest of this year. SEMINAR April 24 1:30 to 4 pm South Branch Library Chula Vista, Orange and 4th Ave.(corner). Learning Whom You Are.

This will be a fun adventure for anyone who attends. Come learn some amazing simple ways to start doing research. Try to refresh the method your using now, it just might help you to move forward in a different light.

We are hoping it will help people who "are on the fence", and worried about costs and fees, and expenses when doing genealogy. That does not need to be a problem.
A computer is not needed either. That is right a computer is an asset but not a necessity for researchers.

Many fabulous books and research sources were complied with out a computer.

So come down and enjoy the fun, for fun I think it will be.

Next we will be having mini talks about various topics needed for knowledge in doing your personal discoveries. This will take place from May until end of the year.
We are starting with Randy S doing a Beginners Class series.

We then move towards the finished planning of the OCTOBER Family History Month Seminar.
It will pull together all the little pieces you have been learning along the way.
We are hoping for mini workshops, a major guest speaker and other speakers to round out the full day. This event will take place from mid morning to late afternoon on this great day October 2, 2010. This will take place at the Senior Center in Chula Vista just up the street from Civic Center Library.

We have some cool events planned for each month from now until the end of the year.
That brings our Christmas Party that helps us support the Salvation Army.

Topics, we will learn about are varied and informative and can be very interesting.
More on our events on the next blog. We hope to see some of you at the Library tomorrow.

Oh, if you wonder why we are moving our meetings about it is because budget cuts have curtailed the Library hours and we also at times need larger spaces.

So when I blogged about the libraries needing supported I was not jesting in word. It is a serious problem almost everywhere. I firmly believe I would pay $10 a year for access and use to the library facilities. I do not care if it is Chula Vista or Los Angeles, or Washington, D.C. . Just think Chula Vista's citizenry is over 100,000.
people times $10 and what do you get I bet it is enough to get the libraries back on track and open to the communities. I am not even a Chula Vista resident though I claim it as my home. Since I shop there, work there, dine there, play there, they are getting my dollars already. I even attend church there. I find many of my neighbors in the same situation.

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