Sunday, April 18, 2010

Saturday's Surname Pentico/Penticoff/Benninghoff

Here we go again. Right back where we started from, Wee this is so much fun.
Hoping relatives will kick in for Ydna tests to confirm my suspicions.

Dear John,
Where did you leave your parents? Why is it that no one I have spoken to seems tp
have clue as to whom they are.
We have proven the story in the book about coming from Holland as false. Well, let's
put that a different way, John, you did not come from Holland since you was born in

After a good 45 years of research and 50 of off on hunting, I suspect your father
was a Benninghoff that lived down the road from you in Jersey Shores, PA.

Since you started life as a Penticoff in records and changed it after you got
to Iowa to Pentico, there must have been a big story to share.

I found many Benninghoff/Penticoff from that line living near you and family in
Iowa and surrounding areas.

We found your wife also wasn't on that ship, she was born over near Montgomery
County PA and her father the same born in PA. So suspect your line goes
back a ways also.

Are you related to the Tobacco Broker of Philadelphia? Since the Young's were
there early also.

If we could just find a brother or sister that would claim you we could be so
excited. I did see in the 1800 census two Benninghoff's that had children
of your age not named in their trees? Surely you must be one of these.

Dear John if you see this maybe you could send us an answer so we could learn
more about your family tree.


A married in relative..

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