Monday, October 4, 2010

Seminar's Serendipity Event

Serendipity Event at our Seminar

Just wanted Hank JONES to know that Serendipity is still alive and well at our society. Of course, I am sharing this with everyone. I just love when these events happen.

Saturday morning as we were hastily setting up for the start of our seminar. A member accidentally spilled the creamer for the coffee. Another member promptly went to get a replacement for it, Thank You.

Blessed we were because they purchased extra creamer for the event, which in all respects was a true plus. By the end of day the creamers were all gone so we would have been way, way short of creamer if this had not happened early when it did.

Normally I take the extra creamer home so this was a real surprise and it made an
incident into a major plus.

Thanks to all whom helped and participated and shared in the chores and event.
We came out on top with some supplies for surplus for Christmas time and our other monthly meetings. Did I say Christmas, my my I do believe it is Pumpkin and goblin time and then comes Turkey and then the Tree. Wowee, where did the year go?

It is drizzling out side again second time in a week, how could we be so lucky.

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