Thursday, October 28, 2010

Thursday Chatter was abound, my heart is heavy I have found.

What a beautiful start of the day, the sun was out, the breeze was a bit strong but warm. Took my A /B student grandson to Starbuck's on way to school for Strawberry drink. We had a nice breakfast and then the chatter began.

A neighbor called, a grandson called, another grandson called, a daughter called, a sister called, that was not the end.

I took a break and fed the birds, they are so much fun to watch. Some are afraid of the least bit of sound the others just stare at the window to see if they should stop eating. The hummingbirds are now 6 again for some time there was only 4.

With the wires still on fire I called my Mom to see how she was adapting to her oxygen system. She seemed to be handling it well considering the chatter in the background.

So I gave up on chatting and have my nose in a book attempting to digest everyone's comments on life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

I read the Facebook page and my heart just aches so much more. No word on some of my friends situation and hopefully good news on other friends situations.

Obviously, when the Pastor said we need to pray more he was not kidding. It seems
prayer is needed on every corner and every crevice.

To all whom read this may you have blessings abound.

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