Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wonders never cease, Genealogy bound Wednesday

Today is a Genealogy Bound day for myself and friend. At the research meeting it seemed that many had a happy moon smiling on them. Karen found three boxes of goodies, Shirley organized her data and may have found more clues, Jaye was the recipient of great information from Ruth and her journey to Kansas.

We had new faces and passed out 3 more applications and one asked for a Beginner's packet having recently joined the society.

We upgraded our Beginner's Packet. We took out two pages and added different ones that are more consistent with what a beginner needs to learn to work with to make their research easier to follow and keep track of.

We upgraded our Library packet, with data on what is where, to find in our local library and help in your research. Many are not aware that a Genealogy Library in a
library does not hurt your research. One needs to look at the Reference section of one's library to learn of the "Who's Who books of many topics, the Encyclopedia's, the newspapers, the phone directories, Gazateers, Maps, videos, history section of the library, country areas of the library, etc.

It would probably take months to ingest the data in your own local library that can be an asset to your research.

I spent 18 months in 1960-61 combing the Petaluma Library in Petaluma, Ca and I read almost every history book they had from A - Z. I also read many other books relating to time periods of history from ancient to current. A background in
the history of the country, county, state, or region is a big help in research.

Today it was brought up that old maps are also critical in research in earlier time period. In the USA as well as other countries boundaries were changing as the country was developed. One could live in a house and never move and have lived in as many as four different counties.

So enough chatter about some of what I witnessed today and off to the library to scour another half dozen books for some clues.

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  1. Wow. I am looking forward to your CVGS reports. Are you going to bring copies of the new forms to the board meeting. Will you have the new beginner packets and library packets to review? Are you planning a "lessons learned meeting" from the seminar feed back sheets? Will we be able to review the results at the board meeting? If you need help with your wrap up report, call me.