Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Halloween Aproaching: Ghosts, Books and Expenses

Halloween is approaching and I wonder if the gremlins are at work. When we are at the library we are checking for books and the numbers to be aligned. Over a month ago it was found we had some seriously expensive books not on shelf where they were expected to be.

Tonight we searched, us all three, and again a book that Virginia wanted to check was not in the Genealogy Section, then we learned it was supposedly over in the check out section. NO, NO, and then we learned they could not find it anywhere.

Ghosts and Gremlins, on our nickels and our dimes. I think it is sad that first our hours are limited and the times are moved. O yes, I understand the budget cuts.
I do not understand the humans that think because a book is there it means they can walk away with it. The lunch is not free anymore people. And temporarily borrowing a book that is not to be checked out is not nice. Please return books taken by (accident).

I am wondering how much in revenue is walking out the door with the new gizmo's that log your books out. Sometimes less costs more. We love our library we do not need to have it desecrated in that manner.

Now just to figure out a way to help the library and the funding and salvage what we the citizens have in this great library.

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