Thursday, October 21, 2010

Wednesday's Wisdom carries over into Thursday's Chatter

Thursday's threads of chatter are left over from Wednesdays evening of profound wisdom, deep thought, shared concepts, tweaked ideas and a National Geographic Map.

National Geographic was a source topic for part of yesterday evening. We are human's or so we are told. Human's have always appeared to have hunted, gathered and followed the herds. So why not take what the NGS had put into play and say that the two legged animal followed the four legged animal and moved around following the trails. Clayton, I found that a very interesting idea. Thanks for the thought.

I found this concept presented to be very interesting in thought. We know birds migrate south in the winter and there must be a smatter of truth to the fact that various free species of animals migrate around the lands they maintain. Goats are high on the mountains and low on the mountains depending on the time of the year, the same for most of those critters. We have learned bears literally crawl in a hole or cave and stay down til spring. Geologists are finding more various places
where our species has been and earlier than thought of before.

To read a city is built upon a city is saying why? There was so much ground to use, why on top of the old. Was it to cover and hide? It could not have been structural safe.

So to do genealogy how much should we learn, how much should we know? Where is the
defining line of what lineage you are? I am hunting for an early European map that listed early lineages on it. For they would be the basis for the peoples of those places now even if some migrated on to other areas and became other beings.

After looking deeper at early Europe I want to study more on the continent of Africa.

Any one else interested?

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