Monday, October 11, 2010

Monday, Again, How can that be? Ahhh It is Genealogy

Monday Again, Ahh it is Genealogy Day. How can that be you say? A Federal holiday makes it that way. No school for the grandson, no work for the adults. At least most of the adults are off this day.

Traffic was light on the way to Balboa Hospital at 6 am. We were home by 8:30 and had breakfast out. Good news is neighbor is getting better. Our family is fine.

Awaiting word from a traveling family member, I suspect is still asleep. So I can set here and get caught up on the notices to be sent and to check a few spots for a buddy genealogist acquaintance.

Will it drive me into Madness, no, but frustration yes. Cemeteries have listed parts of themselves but not other parts. Almost like a backwards event.

Now I have researched New York for several years and the confusion never ceases to amaze me but to find it relates all the way into cemetery records, rather fascinates me by they way New York may be thinking. No put down since I have much kin that migrated from New York. Aha, maybe that is why they migrated.

So I am going to hunt for a Random Acts of Kindness person in of all places NYC.
I gather economy is worse than worse there since they(cemetery) will charge me to answer a basic question on the phone on the information of a plot we already knows exist. Already checked the cemetery's web page for data.

My my is not genealogy fun on a Monday.

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