Sunday, July 22, 2012

Fall Is Around the Corner, Winter Holiday's also.

Fall is Around the Corner, Winter Holiday's also.  Have you thought of this?  Will you be doing a Family Birthday or Anniversary Calendar? A scrap book of one year of your life or their's?

Time to think of it now. Coming out of Church this evening it is definitely fall  air. I can almost smell
pumpkin pie and Apple Pan Dowdy.

Not sure we really had much summer, maybe that is a good thing. The overcast days filled with soft warmth and not heavy heat are what I have called God's Quiet Days, for years.  Few people are out and chatting and kids not out yelling and screaming and running and racing.  Evening comes and the people come out to say hi, water the plants and prepare for the next day.

Of course, it reminds us that the Holiday Season will be on us shortly.  As Genealogists we can make
the bulk of our gifts if we start now and they can be  meaningful to all ages, young or old.

A story appropriate for the age with a picture attached for them to relate to, whom the person is or why that person is someone to remember. For War Veterans how about something about the past Veterans in the family files. Pull them into the fold and do not let them be forgotten, even though they are not yet gone or  maybe a story written up about some of the exploits of the Veteran's adventures.

We should never wait until death to remember and honor others.

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