Thursday, July 26, 2012

Thankful, Thriller, Treasure Chest Thursday

Thankful, Thriller, Treasure Chest Thursday

 Thankful, Thriller, Treasure Chest Thursday, is about over. Yes it has been all of that today.
 Thankful for the friends I have met on line and the way they share with me.

 Thriller because a grandson took me to see the new Batman movie. No way can I  believe that will be the last one. The ending definitely implied that we will see more down the road of this dynamic crime fighting group. Did anyone get the subtle under tow in the movie?  Fortunately the good guys win.

Treasure Chest Thursday for sure, located more data on two sides of Mom's family. Shared information and information was shared back. That is always a good thing. Thanks MORROW and WARDEN kin.

Also shared thoughts about Societies and when they go slack and what can be done to bring them back to life. This can be applied to either on line or local groups.

 That data can be found here:

 Having been talking about the ups and downs and pro's and cons of societies and groups for over a week now,  I learned in a chat that people are looking for advise and ideas on what to do and how to do it for creating societies and also keeping them going.  Being myself, I felt I should chip in with some things I learned over the years.

Posting information on the Ancestor Seekers blog about DNA now for the next upcoming class.  I will be updating links and data as the week gets closer.

Ancestor Seekers by the Root Bound: Learning About DNA

Go and click follow on the other blogs and share as we journey down the road together.

Thanks for listening, reading and commenting.

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