Saturday, July 28, 2012

Sorting Surnames Saturday, JONES, MYERS, FOULK

Sorting, Surnames Saturday in Carlsbad at the Cole's Library. Picked up two friends and headed north, this morning around 10:15. Finally on the  road by 11 something.  Arrived in Carlsbad, grabbed a sandwich and drink and then went into library to dig more in the BEEKMAN PATENT Books.

Receiving information some months ago that there was clues on the JONES family in these books regarding Duchess County, New York,  I was ready for the hunt again.

Learning a quirk on a NOEL JONES, now having either found another one or the one that was missing, I garnered the information to share. Some of it made sense some made no sense at all.

It seems the data is random, but the first book is pages and pages of documents regarding Dut

chess County and the Beekman Patent's.  There are several more books with data. So far I have mastered going through three fairly thoroughly.  Each one had a tidbit or two more to add to the gathering of this family's lineage.

Spent almost four hours sorting out the various JONES lines, some which I have data to connect the book does not show. 40+ years of research on this line makes lots of reading and learning and piecing together bit by bit and piece by piece. Read about the girls and whom they married and how some actually are married back into the line a generation or two later.

At the end of the time, I grabbed a book regarding Dauphin County, Pennsylvania and Lebanon County, PA., History. For some reason having combed Dauphin, Cumberland and Perry Counties I never looked at Lebanon County at least not to closely.  I found a Gem, a true Gem on the MYERS family.  Alas they just had the reunion but what a great find. Also found data on the married into family of FOLK. Why would William FOULK be listed as an inmate, on  tax roll. I read three pages back and three pages forward and it did not make sense. Many were saddle makers, farriers, farmers, store keepers on this Inmate list.  The information found today was a great find for both groups of surnames I was hoping to pin down an answer to.

 These names are all on Dad's side of the family. Jones on his father's side and FOULK/FOLK, MYERS on his mother's.

 Hoping to return again soon and work on a few more Beekman Patent books  of Dutchess Co. New York and more on the Lebanon County, PA History data.

Settlers of the Beekman Patent, Dutchess County, New York,  Frank J. Doherty - 2003

Administration of estate of Noel Jones of Petersburgh, Rensselaer Co., NY granted to Archibald Jones 12 October 1804.

Now to locate the files and see what is in this file. 

More to follow.

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