Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Society's, Do You Belong?

Feeling this topic is not discussed often enough or  explained to new genealogists I am going to ask this all important question.

How many of you people reading this belong to a Society?

How many Societies do you belong to?

If you do, does your Society hold one day a year to review each others surnames and places of research?

Societies can definitely help a beginning researcher to move in the right directions and learn.
They can assist with many facets of research. From the actual researching to the methods used or places to locate information.

I also firmly believe your local society is your Home society and the one your affiliated with in the distance is the Home Away From Home society.  Many times both can offer the same services but it would be covering different areas.

A follow up on what I posted here:

More Society TidBits - Genealogy Wise

Awaiting your response, please do reply.


  1. My first society was my home society: gscm (Genealogy Society of Central Missouri). I then joined Wabash County Genealogical Society and the St. Louis Genealogical Society. Then there was the Ohio Genealogical Society and MoSGA (Missouri State Genealogical Society). Finally there was the Second Life Chapter of APG. This year at the MoSGA conference I learned that I can join the Heartland Chapter for $5 over my Second Life membership.
    Incidently the activities of Genealogists at Second Life are not a formal society (except for the APG chapter), but they perform many of the functions of a society. The activities at Genealogy Wise also serve as a sort of pseudo society.

  2. Sue McCormick thanks for the reply.