Monday, July 2, 2012

Full Moon And Family

Full moon tonight, or so it appears. We did a B B Que and celebrated the 4th of July early with some of the family.  Instead they turned the tables and celebrated our Anniversary today because they are working on that day.

What a nice surprise. We had a great visit with everyone and shared lots of updates on jobs and life.

 We will be Great Grandparents again in September, if all  goes according to plan.  The Chocolate Mousse from Han's and Harry's was absolutely, the perfect topper.

Everyone mentioned the Full Moon as they were leaving. The clouds are closing in so we may not see any more of it tonight.

Full Moon's make the world look different in my eyes. Scientists imply it affects our mental state. We know it affects the tides & gravitational pull of earth.

We are going into the time of year when a Full Moon will soon be called a Harvest Moon.  I love to watch the night sky and it's changes. All our children had telescopes and we watched stars and sky changes since most of them small and the same applies to our Grandchildren. We used binoculars before we got Telescope.

My Uncle worked at an Observatory for a college and that telescope is awesome to look through and bring the sky up close and so personal.

So thanks to the Full Moon, the Night Sky and the Family for sharing time with us on this evening.

What a marvelous time we had.  May you all have a great life and remember to look up to the sky and check out the heavenly bodies and what changes they make through out the year.

 I wonder what the sky looks like in Michigan tonight?   Have not mastered body transport yet so will have to deal with thoughts of the clear sky and stars and moon so close to see.  I love how it comes up behind the grove of trees in our son's back yard while we sat on the patio.

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