Wednesday, July 4, 2012

A "Gold Star" Society, Cornerstone Genealogical Society

Over on Linkedin, someone asked: "What organizations do you find outside of N.E.H.G.S. to be helpful in your genealogical research?"

What a great opening for me to be able to talk about one of my favorite societies that I heap praises on all the time.

Cornerstone Genealogical Society of Greene Co. Pennsylvania has been extremely helpful, cooperative and has found much information for me. No, the did not do the work but they were familiar with my
family names, some of the descendants even worked in the society.  I appreciated then and still do their prompt response and willing to assist if they can.

This brings up my talk on "Doing Your Homework," Having been blessed with a distant cousin telling me the things I need to be prepared to do and things I should bring with me and what I should do before I arrived.

I let them know I was coming, I shared with them much information, I made pre appointments so they were aware I was really going to be there. I joined the society and shared information.

Yes, aware to  many I's but if one does not do the homework before you go, they maybe bogged down in a muddle with many other things when you arrive. I did that once in my own home area and was so disappointed because they could not help me at all on that trip. Being very used to just popping in when I arrived home to tell everyone hi and share news.  Alas, that time I needed assistance, which was not going to happen.

I belong to many societies both local and distant from where I live but I can tell you that this society in Greene Co. Pennsylvania, still deserve a "GOLD STAR" for all they do for their members and the community.

They have a library, meetings, a quarterly, classes, field trips and work hard to maintain a library with many, many years of research material. The also work in conjunction with the Historical Society in helping.

They reply promptly, are friendly and courteous.  I keep striving for our local society to be more like this one is.  Maybe we are not quite big enough yet but we do have some good workers in the local society also.

I love the surname files on the 3 x 5 cards for others looking for your names.  We started that here long ago but due to lack of help it went to the wind. It takes a true hard work and serious dedication to do what they have done.

Thank You to all whom work there.   Cornerstone Genealogy Society

 Waynesburg, Greene County, Pa . founded in 1975.

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