Thursday, May 23, 2013

Memorial Weekend, to Research or Attend Events

Memorial weekend is upon us.  Will you go to a grave site? Are you sharing what this weekend means to older Americans with the younger members.

Having attended a 4-H meeting recently, it was heart lifting to see a family member, gently address a teen youth about flag etiquette.  He had his hat on in the building, worse he did not take it off during the Pledge of Allegiance.  The person and from the looks of others they were clueless, to flag etiquette.  It is our responsibility to help the younger learn these things.

Hearing some schools no longer start the day with a pledge, frightens me for the loss of knowledge youth is not getting.

Will you be going to a parade, will you take off you hat, will you put your hand over your heart when the flags go by?

Will you instead spend time at the computer digging into files that are made free this weekend by various organizations.  The list is growing for the free time this weekend., MyHeritage, World Vital Records,  are some available.

Have.  a Blessed safe Holiday no matter what you do.  Do try to impart some knowledge to our youth if you can.

Thank You living and departed War Veteran's for your service.

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