Sunday, May 19, 2013

Daniel Francis Scott. 1880-1952

My Great Uncle Daniel Francis Scott was a large person of  character and wit.  His presence
was also about 6 foot 7 or 8 inches.  At the age of 11, I sat on his knee with my little sister on his other knee. My feet were about 4 inches from the floor.

He told us stories of his youth and family. Remembering only pieces, I have wondered about being
hypnotized to bring the stories forward.

He was born in Mount Ayr, Iowa 12 Jan1880. He spent his late years in Wyoming near his sisters, one being my Grandmother Inez Scott Hoffman.  The other was Fern Scott Hampton.  Another brother lived south in Ft. Collins, Colorado.  Great Uncle Harrison Scott, I hear from his son at random, but before that GU Harrison's daughter and I exchanged letters until death took her.

Great Uncle Dan died in Wheatland,  area  11 Jan. 1952,  3:10 pm.  He is buried in Valley View Cemetery, Torrington, Wyo..

The document even gives the lot information. He was interred on 14 Jan 1952 at  3:20 P.M.

Two stories he told me, I hope to be able to verify some day. They stuck solid in my mind but
want to make sure they were true before revealing.

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