Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Workshop Assistance for Members and Guests June 1, 10 am to 3 pm

Workshop Assistance for Members and Guests at Bonita Sunnyside Library, Bonita, CA. Saturday 1 June 2013

Beginners, Computer, Military, New York, and other topics to be covered.

The workshop has Shirley Becker, Virginia Taylor. John Finch, Susi Pentico and others to assist.

Shirley will be doing Computer Information. and New York assistance, Virginia will be doing Beginners Assistance and Ask the Question, John will be hosting a table on Military Information,  I will be covering, or attempting to cover other areas as requested.    The workshop is to help those in need of the things that have been brought up for need of assistance.

The time is 10 am to 3 pm at the Bonita Sunnyside Library.  Yes we will break for lunch.   Please request attendees to bring lap top if they have one. Probably a bottle of water also.

Susi Pentico,
 Educational Chairperson. 

Also working on having a European Workshop later this summer.  So if you need help in this area let me be aware.

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  1. Randy Seaver will be a participant also covering Ancestry and Wiki information. Thanks Randy.