Thursday, May 16, 2013

Jones Memories, revisited on Mother's Day

Did your Mother'sDay bring back memories?  Have you stopped and wrote it down for family to share, at a future time?

Even a line or two is better than none.

Received a phone call from a very life long dear cousin. Not having heard from him in more than a year, it was sheer delight.  After hello, he says," Do you know who this is"?

He was my big brother from the time I was 3plus years old.  I would not ever forget his voice.

Also with him being oldest living male in Dad's line he is the Patriarch of our Jones line, from Carl Fremont Jones.  Bringing to mind, I am the Matriarch of this same line.  What a jolt that carried, so on Father's Day I will see what I can do.

It reminded me of all the Mother's Day's we celebrated together, which was probably more often than not.

You see his Dad and my Dad and Mom's Sister all had there birthdays on that week.
His Dad was married to my Dad's sister, and when Mom's sister left Oregon, she was included in the group.  18 th, 19th and 20 th of May were the dates, it generally meant a big picnic if weather was warm. If no, it was a indoor event.

Home made  Hershey's Chocolate Cake with fresh strawberries and whipped cream was the standard dessert. The food could be Baked Ham or Pork Roast, the first Potato Salad of the spring,  3 P Salad,
Asparagus. Munches were always celery and carrots, fresh radishes, black and green olives. Do not forget the home made Pickles.

All this came flashing back, bringing me near to tears.  So our Mother's Day was also Birthday celebration day.  Five in cousin's family over the years, five in my Aunt's family and we ended up with six over the years.  Adding their dearest friend  to the mix it was five more.

Yes, a neighbor became like a sibling to these three families making it four families.  After Mom's cousin moved to California and joined in from Palo Alto,Ca it was 28 people.  Lots of fun, time went quick because most had to go back home and milk cows.  The most we ever slept at Mom and Dad's was 38.  That is another story.

Write something about your Mother's Day.
Family's here in mentioned, Jones, Morelli, Zimmerman, Feil and Scott.  Zimmerman was the friend.

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