Sunday, May 5, 2013

Saturday Challenge, Mother's, Mother's Father Cornielus Scott

Scott lineage at this time, starts with a Thomas Scott who lived in Halifax Co.Va, dying there.
His son John , amongst others moved to Cumberland Co. Area, then known as Indian Territory, having served in the War.  John dies there as does his wife.

John's son Shadrack and his brother move to Illinois. After some years the land wouldn't support both families so Shadrack and his large family moved to Iowa.

Shadrack's son John C. Scott born in Kentucky, moves with family.  John C Scott marries Rebecca Morrow, in Iowa.  They raise there family in various areas of lower mid Iowa.

Cornielus Scott, is born in Iowa, marries there, dies there.  He is my Grandmother's Father.

His last residence was in Iowa-Missouri border town.  I have read he died in Missouri
and buried Iowa.

Story also heard ??  Was the house sat on the border, one door to Iowa, the other to Mo.

I have learned a lot about the Scott's in the last five years.  Four days ago cousins, said they found,
Thomas's sister Anne Scott whom married William Scott.

We have tried to find the link to her a very long time.

Some years ago a dear deceased cousin did the YDNA for the Scott line

Oh, yes Thomas Scott was a learned man.  He owned many books.

Halifax Co was split making Pittsylvania Co. the area John moved from leaving Va.  Thomas's Will is in Halifax Co. Va.

I am looking now to find Rev War  records for Thomas Scott.  In hopes, we can learn of his parents and other siblings.

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