Friday, June 17, 2011

Follow Friday, I do Follow Many Bloggers

One of the first I follow is:
John Michael Neill is author and is always giving tips  to assist in ones's research. It may be something I know and have forgotten to use or something completely new.  A great refresher if forgotten. We are people of rote and if we not remember to constantly try knew we tend to forget some of the learning.

Thomas MacEntee's  Geneabloggers site. Self explanatory, great work Thomas.genealogy-blogging-events-week-june-1724-2011 from - StumbleUpon

Of course I follow his family blog also.

Genea-Musings by RandySeaver
Informative, and educational, Varied topics and events are covered.

I follow Marian's, Maven's, Dear Myrtle and a host of people that I can not even begin to mention tonight.
I love to read about different and varied activities and events that happen in places and with people.

I like Tina's, Heather's and to be honest I have not read a blog that I have not liked yet. Sometimes they are more dry some times they are exciting but always informational.

Blog away blog away, never stop is what I say.

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  1. Thanks for mentioning my blog. You have a great list there, with some of my favorites, too, including your own blog! It was fun meeting you in Burbank, and I hope our paths cross again very soon.