Monday, June 20, 2011

Monday Madness, Yes Madness Monday regarding JONES

I just decided to post this after all,  I realize that many things written, posted and said are not always accurate.

 Seems I was taught that a long time ago when I started researching surnames. First, I learned I had three JONES lines, later learning I could add 2 more.

My original goal besides medical research was to gather the knowledge of the families to the waters edge.
Going to  Europe etc would come later. If you take the male names it probably would not take long to come to the waters edge before 40 years arrived. If you add the female lines it is going to be a forever on going process.

My first major challenge was determining which of the 5 Henry Huffman's was the one mentioned in Mom's letters, papers and the picture book documents.  It took 3+ intense years of tracking each line to determine which father was my ancestor not collateral kin. It was helped with the sharing of information amongst my Aunt's and cousins through out the United States.  I suddenly was exposed to cousins' MOM almost forgot about but we developed a pleasant friendship over the years.

 Then Dad said,"my turn when are you going to work our line".  Well Grand Dad was still alive, but he was like pulling teeth to get him to share. The sharing he did brought about more intrigue and more determination on my part to resolve issues he presented.

 I read many documents and many, many printed stories, ie sources supposedly that talked about Dad's lineage.  The problem was the facts did not line up. I gather today it would be called a time line of sorts.

 I finally took a gamble and reached out on the internet to other JONES researchers of this lineage that I did not know, were from other lines of this Jones Clan.  I learned many interesting stories and fortunately met some cousins that had documented their files well.

 This prompted a cousin in Kansas and I to determine to write to England for more records on
 the Captain of the Mayflower in the off chance some of these written stories could be laid to rest.

 It was very interesting what they wrote back, instead of tossing the story out we were told to embrace it because the records said the story some held to was true.

So just because an American printed history book says things, it also has to be checked out. There are lots of records held in the United Kingdom that would probably help many people break brick walls if they would actually reach across the pond for information.

Stories can be so wrong and they can be so right, but they are stories until you can make them a fact.
 Proven Fact with British Records, German Records, Irish Records, or any proven countries records.

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