Thursday, June 30, 2011

Thankful Thursday 30 June 2011 Nature made from God

  This has been a very long hard, trying yet enjoyable fun exciting month.  Mom I so miss you.  I just know what is happening is not what you had planned at least not the way it is playing out.
Yesterday would have been Mom's 91's birthday. I did not get to see her for her 90th and nor were her cards and letters shared with me at Christmas when she wanted me to re read them to her.

 Burbank and Jamboree was a enjoyable interlude away from family things.  I met old friends and hugged dear old acquaintances. I was introduced to and found new genealogy family and relatives.

 Having attended several talks, O I missed some I truly wanted to see but God obviously had other plans.
 I truly believe, if meant, it will happen otherwise accept what you receive and be thankful for that.

 So as I was hunting for pictures today I found some that helped to soothe the soul and mind. I am truly a lover of nature and the beauty that it beholds.  A weed is not a weed unless you call it one. It is just another plant placed here by God for us to either accept or deny. After all lettuce is just a hybridized grass, yes you eat lettuce your eating upscale grass.

 I am thankful that my parents taught me to appreciate nature, to respect nature and to be mindful of the non respect to our earth. Thanks Mom and Dad,  I now hope you can enjoy some of these as I do.

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