Monday, June 6, 2011

Monday, D-Day Remembered

Today  I was going to post the pictures of my ancestors that were involved in D Day and relatives of family.
Alas my scanner has retired for unknown reasons.

 I want to mention Aubie D COOPER, husband of my Aunt, I miss Uncle Pete, his first child learned to walk with me in the yard in Petaluma, Ca while she visiting so she could see her husband stationed down the coast.  He had five children. One was born days apart from my second child. We were very close.  Auntie where are you?  I think Utah has swallowed you up. USARMY

I want to mention my Joseph COLLINS, husband of my Aunt, who became a Baker after the war. He had two children. I had a doll he gave me for many,  many years.  I still write to his children, and grandchildren. One granddaughter came to MOM's services of Rememberance in January. USARMY

My Dad's brother Gerald Oliver JONES, he and his wife are both deceased now as is his second wife.
He was at Pearl Harbor when the planes came in. He run out of ammo in his pistol he carried and literally threw his gun at a Japanese Pilot and hit him in the head. The pilot crashed. Very few were armed when this event happened and the lookout towers had guns but no ammo. He used to get so stressed about how un prepared they were for an attack. He had two boys, we still communicate, also. I cared for him when he was ill from Cancer until his death, with help from Hospice. We shared a love of Rocks, warm, cold, soft and hard ones. If you love rocks you will understand that statement. He served 20 years in the USNAVY.

Dad (Ray Dee JONES) was a Coast Watcher, in California with his brother in law Comillo MORELLI both are gone. 4 children we still speak.
Comillo had three boys and was married to  my Aunt Etta. They are all gone. I still keep in touch with these boys because they were like brothers to me for many years.  We lived on the same ranch. He had two or three brothers in the war. They used to fly over the ranch at times and tip the wings.

Donald Leroy (ROY) HOFFMAN my Uncle who served. 1 son and 1 adopted daughter we write.US Army
Fred FEIL my Aunt's husband (Ruth) whom served both gone. 3 cousins left behind I write to often. USARMY
William PARRISH, Aunt's husband( Marie), 3 boys two survive we communicate.

 One surviving Uncle who served as personal guard to Gen. Eisenhour and can tell some real neat stories of his tour in the service.

 One Aunt may have had husband that served but he I was not very familiar with.  She was oldest in
this family and if so was remarried.

Husband's Uncle whom died in Africa during the war also.

I am sure that there are other family members in all these lines sidways that served.

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