Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tombstone Tuesday with out the stones

I gather fatigue has reached out and claimed a victim. I am ready to bury some events and resurrect some new ones.

Having met many old acquaintance at Jamboree, I realized I could possible scout for ideas for Seminars, Speakers, Book Sales, Newsletter articles and other events that affect genealogists or family historians.

 My mind has names, more names and events and ideas floating around like a merry go round.
 I am hoping to capture some as they float by my mental vision for future use. Jamboree is so
 great for so many great reasons.

 Camaraderie (friendship) is abound all around the Pavilion and Convention Center area. You can even wander across the street to some of the eateries and find the same atmosphere in the businesses.
 Of course, they ask, "Will you be here another day? Will you be coming back?" No, not in a negative way, a very refreshing, we are glad your here attitude.

 I always feel I need to give back for all the work they do for us to have such a great event and donate a portion of my time in respect to the work they do. I even learn things when doing this, meet more new faces share thoughts and come away with more ideas whirling around for either acting on or burying down the road.   Giving back can give great rewards in ways not expected, do try it some time.

  It never ceases to amaze me how much one can learn by listening and absorbing the comments by fellow researchers. Of course, some times I like to add a tidbit also. Sometimes it generates an entire new topic,
evolving from the past conversation.

 I wonder how many came away with new thoughts on topics, ideas for presentations, activities that can be done and the over all feeling we can make this bigger and better by applying some of these ideas to our own group and let them mull them over for they could not attend and be exposed.

 Cousin Heather Rojo went home and created a new event within 24 hours. I love that enthusiasm.
 Hello New Hampshire, your in for a real treat.

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