Friday, September 16, 2011

Follow Friday Romania Genealogy

Following Friday     Tracking Genealogists around the World.

Romanian Genealogy,  They are really working on their genealogy history. Met a
man from Romania last night whom shared all kinds of good news. Glad to hear other countries are
working on Genealogy.

 Iceland thanks to a family we met from there we learned about how Iceland is helping their
 people research and track down their family.

 Netherlands are working on their genealogy also.

Ireland some can go back 10 generations on the female side. Now that is a feat. Struggling I hear on the male lineage.

  Some countries are far more active in research activities than I ever dreamt.

  Hurray for the peoples of the world who care whom they are and what their ancestral
  lines are that made them who they are.

  Side bar is today sorting many books we found one that had lots of data on
   a famous Indian lady and it seems the other person with me is also related very potentially to this
  famous Indian lady.  Woooeeeeee   maybe three in our society. On the other side of the country too.

  Can not understand why people aren't leaping all over the seminar to learn more Indian knowledge because their dead end or brick wall may be related to the Indians or to the Scot or to the Irish people whom came to this country early.

 Of course the Indians came way before the others.

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