Thursday, September 1, 2011

Thankful Thursday, Pentico-Pentycofe-Benninghoff

  Yes, I am so thankful for this agency and the work they do. Also we are thankful that distant family
  shared YDNA with us regarding our potential relationship.

   The results are in, after 50 + years of research, we have a real clue to the origin of my children's
 lineage from their fathers side.

   I did the paper trail and again was missing a generation.  Common Sense finally kicked in and I
   realized that I was looking at a clue and not seeing it.

  Gee, you ever look at data and not see the information?  I am sure we all have.  We see something
  we expect but we do not see what is so in front of our face, ie eyes.

  Taking the family story and printing it, credit goes to a distant cousin from Missouri. Not accepting the
  left papers at her death my error.

  She had a small group of papers where their data sent in did not match everyone else story.

 How I wish I had, had the foresight to ask for those 28 letters that did not fit the 100+ others.
 It would probably have resolved this issue in the 1970's.

 If relatives read this I hope they still have them in storage somewhere.  I know these people are long
 since gone. The letters were written in the 1920's & 1930s. Yes, I know there is kin still alive from these

 She did the book with the data from the 100+ and I suspect the 28 had the facts straight or closer.
  No offense meant or implied, just what recent research has brought to the front.

  Yes John was born in Pennsylvania and we suspect and can about lay to rest that his father was only
  about 20 miles down the road, which fits into the normal. But the name was a variant that we did
  not have in our group.  We knew it was changed and we knew John also changed it again coming to

  What brought  this about was the information supplied by the Family Tree Ydna we had done. Also
  what another distant cousin in Missouri had done then a potential distant cousin in Pennsylvania
  contributed.  I am sure that Bryon's ancestor and ours share the same father. If not it would only be one
  more generation back.  I will bump the tests up to the Missouri level but do not think we need it.

  Paper trail also indicates we slide into a empty hole in their lineage for the Benninghoff family.
  Our family has just grown, better yet Google + has given me the ability to locate kin in Germany
  with the help of  Germany's Google+ Moritz Tolxdorff.  Also to the lady who gave me the linguistic
 data about this family name. Lost her name on my desk top.

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