Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sentimental Sunday==== 9/11 Rebound

 Randy Seaver said in his Saturday Night Fun Game that we should tell what we remember and were doing on 9-11.

 Well, I was just getting to the computer to start my east coast 9 am chat. The members in the room
  said "Susi, is your tv on?"  I said,"no" and they said," I must turn it on fast. "

  I must say I a stood in horror at what I was seeing. I could tell what was going to happen and had
  no way to stop it.  Just like watching an accident about to and happen.

  Then my mind kicked in as to who was where. Then I heard a plane was out there and headed to
  WDC.  My heart went wild, for family was there. Then they later said the plane was out there headed
   west and was turning around to come back on the capitol.

  The plane hit the Pentagon, I had a adopted son there and my daughter in law had a sister there.
  I had cousins there.  God blessed us we had no deaths. We did have much heart ache.

  My daughter called to say her boss's children were in the Twin Towers. Agonizing we waited to
  to learn they were late for work, 2 checking in and one still on the way.  We still have them.

  I knew my son was headed there that day. I called my daughter in law he was on way to airport and
  she got in touch with him and he was headed back home since the airports then were being closed down.

  My son had many business events in these buildings.  Thankfully for forgetting a tool, being late and
  being in the right place at that time for what God had in store, we survived.

  Our family still felt the brunt of the horror of the event. I know have family members whom do not
  want to fly. I think it is safer now than ever been.

 I also think it is really not our decision when it is our turn.  Can we postpone and put off this
 death, I am not sure. We all say," don't jay walk", "don't drink and drive".  They all make sense but
 this really says," Walk on the Right side", and "be prepared" for we know not when we will not be here.

  May all the people affected whether a helper, a neighbor, fireman, police officer or general John Q Public be blessed to recover from what is not recoverable.


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