Saturday, September 10, 2011

Surname Saturday -- more on Pentico variant to Benninghove /Bennighoff

  Well as I wait for family to get well, I will chat a bit about some more recent news we received.

  Long ago and far away,  gee, you ever hear that before, yes way over there in Pennsylvania
  around 1800, plus or minus a year a birth happened.

  That was enough to start a major journey across the state and into the mid west region by many.
  Some are known relatives, and many were unknown relations.

  After 50 plus years of research and back to basic bare bones research, Mary  and I started   over.
  We started with what we could prove. Not what we were told or heard but the bare fact of a census.
  Yesk a census, the ever not to be trusted document, but it was closer to the truth than the family story.

  The 1830 census shows John Pentico in residence with wife and children. JerseyShores, Lycoming
  County, Pennsylvania. Williams
1830 census Lycoming Jersey Shore, PA
2 1- -- 1 ------------1
Jacob Young beneath John Pentico  His wife was a Young
jacob Plantz beneath him  Ironic but kin on my side.

Census has name same rather Ironic, papers do not. Land and other records indicate name variant of Penticoff.

Alas, he has moved  in 1840 and in same region in 1850. Then Scott Co. IA in 1857.

1840 Burnside Clearfield Co PA

1850 Burnside Clearfield Co PA

Name:John Pentico
Estimated Birth Year:abt 1801
Birth Place:Pennsylvania
Home in 1850 (City,County,State):Burnside, Clearfield, Pennsylvania
Family Number:1542
Household Members:
John Pentico49
Catherine Pentico44
John Pentico20
Henney Pentico18
Simon Pentico15
Peter Pentico13
Susannah Pentico12
Matthew Pentico10
Catherine Pentico6

Now next to him is the NEFF's, YINGLINGS and potential other kin.
 The page before has  much more family listed for interlinkings. YOUNG, Rorabaugh, McQuillin etc.
1857 Pleasant Valley, Scott Co IA  death

Tracking name variants in other papers and family stories did not help much but we did learn his name was probably
Penticoff  type spelling.  So who were his parents? Did he wander far from home? We did not think so, no idea why just didn't seem to fit the mold his data gave us.

So we did a search for any name in region of Lycoming Co that would sound like PENTICOFF PENTICUFF PENTICOPE.

WE found about 20 miles away the Benninghoff family and they also have all these variants in their lineages.
They also have a few holes that needed filled. So YDNA was in order. YDNA gave us answers.

Watch for follow up.

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