Monday, September 26, 2011

Monday in Michigan 2011 Sept 26

Monday, Michigan 2011 Sept 26

 Hello, world, are you still out there? If your are over whelmed and need a break come to Michigan.
 The winds blow, the leaves speak, the grass is green. The ponds are low with a need for water.

 Have you ever heard the leaves when they speak in Michigan?  I recieved two emails today from family members previously not known. Not one, two can you believe.  One on the Hoffman/Patton line which I was not aware of but should have been and the other on the Folk, Foulk, Eastman line. 

I have asked for help on Uncle Roy Hoffman's family for months and someone finally responds. WHOOPEEE.
I have been blogging a bit about the Foulk /Eastman line once in a while also.

See "Blogging" pays off.

Now, I will share I also found a misplaced niece via her finding my blog. A lost along the way cousin also
got back in touch with me.

Our worlds move so fast, I have changed some things I do when I meet new potential kin.

I give them my name, address and home phone number because so many move and change emails and
phone numbers, the good old address is generally though not always stable. Especially if your looking for
specific information and some one has come forward with some clues and news.

I am enjoying today. I have been here a week.  With the help of health better, item from store, the computer that when power stays on I can access some of my mail and files. Google plus HangOut just does not want to work but I can access Google plus and write on my blog a bit. 

Someone is sleeping now and that is surely needed. Pictures are next on the agenda.

I took some awesome shots flying into Chicago last week. 
Did you know clouds look different on the top verses on the bottom?

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