Saturday, September 17, 2011

Shopping Saturday -- Found in the Mail JONES

  Shopping Saturday----Found in the Mail  JONES

I opened up my mail and what to my wondering eyes did appear?
A letter from a query posted quite some time ago regarding my DAD's JONES Family.

As I collect all the cousins and the uncles and the aunts, here is hoping the unknown JONES
in my file will have a name. We have it narrowed down to two names but due to close in births,
and not enough data found we are not sure which was the father.

Letter tells us Silas JONES Sr was the Grandfather but not whom was the father.

You know, You start a letter Dear son, way back then, Dear Don is how I write today.
 But then we also learn the letters were shared with other family members in the community at the
 time and they would have to guess who was original reciever. tee hee

 So by timeline and letter and other family bits and pieces, court records, land records, yes, cattle brand and
 other information we are down to 2 sons of Silas Jones Sr.

 The real upside of this message was they moved to Michigan and created history of their own.
 Archibald JONES, Benzie County, MI, "The Man Who Pulled the Plug at Crystal Lake".

 This is in Frankfort Co. so the map says. Almost directly north of my son in Fowlerville.

 So this makes me wonder,"Do you have letters that were addressed, "Dear Son" or"Dear Daughter" instead of the real name? I even saw in Mom's letters one that said Dear Niece to my MOM.

 Ah but I know whom that was.

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