Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wordless Wednesday=NOT but an Observation GOOGLE +

 Wordless Wednesday==== Not but an Observation  Genealogists Become Heads Up

As Google+ expands and contracts and shifts and splinters, I have been able to observe humans in the
most interesting of forms. I have met young and old and old and young. Many people of many professions are within these hallowed halls.  Remember this area is in Beta Testing. Some days the Longest Hang Out is up to snuff and others you can not stay in the room or chat or share. Funny things are still happening there.  But the people you meet are worth the time spent there.

Photography is breathtaking, advise shared and freely given. Bloggers and their ideas and thoughts are
expounded on.  The news from around the world takes on a new dimension. ( I think for the better).

The technical powered peoples here that share their knowledge freely and explained so this lay person can grasp or almost grasp it all. Even technical people are learning from technical people. The interaction between the humans is so refreshing. There is hope for this human race.

We have talked of good and bad foods, diets, and well being methods to be come healthier. Some really great talks happen on this topic with some very interesting people giving their knowledge and exposure to what the changes have brought for them. Talk about a quiet advertising campaign.

The biggest thing I have seen and found is: people from all over the world walk through these doors, from Kenya, Ghana, Egypt, France, Sweden, Germany, UK, Scotland, Ireland, Uruguay, Brazil, Chile, Argentina,  Bahama's, Puerto Rico, Iceland, Canada, Mexico, Panama, Nigeria, Zambia, Israel, Palestine, NewFoundland,  Russia, China, Bahrain, India, Greece, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal,  Netherlands, Denmark, Columbia, Peru, several islands in the Bahamas, Trinidad, and the list goes on.

What is amazing is the ability to share and communicate via English, broken or British, or google translate.

 The man from Russia who shared knowledge about a family name I had given up hope of every learning anything about.  The lady in southern Germany who gave a synopsis of the surname I am tracking in my husbands line.  She was of a linguist background.

The neat GOOGLE+ Longest Hang Out, friend Moritz who found my husband's name in his
 local phone book and shared with me.

 Those of us who started early like day one have become like a family with in the system. Helping those
 who ask and sharing with others and hoping expanding the horizons of humanity to discover we
 really are one peoples.

  If the HangOut ever changes I hope it is moved to the title of International Welcome Room.  For everyone to learn to about each other and share. Daily life, recipes, education, work and the fun of learning about each other.

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