Friday, July 1, 2011

Follow Friday, Blogs are fun to Follow

 Yes, blogs are fun to follow, they break up the monotony of our digging for clues and answers to questions and some times they themselves provide the missing information one is seeking.

 I thought I was following to many because I do not read them daily but when I get the chance I can read until my hearts content the different topics on the blogs that people post.

 I was surprised more people did not do a follow of Marion's one on the  Five Books she uses most.
 What was also an intrigue to me was so many did not list a migration book in their lists.

 Many sited the sources books of various dimensions and titles, but migration was not even listed in any form by them.

 Am I to wonder that they never moved about and wandered down a river or up a mountain. Having a distant cousin very stuck on her lineage, possibly due to the fact it seems they never ever moved, and are basically not poking their nose out for others to find them.  Even those that were in Mass., Vt., N.H., and Maine have moved around a bit.

Yes, I know New York is the Black Hole State and it was hoped they would come up from under the rock and join the rest of the world in getting information out. Yes, Hurray there are some groups working hard to do this but alas there are few government, society, historical entities that have not yet figured this out.

 O, if all the counties would have followed Berks Co. Pa County administrator of years ago, what a treasure trove of data we would have at our finger tips and money could be made by the county to add to their coffers.

So Thank You to all the bloggers that I follow and enjoy reading even if it is in spurts.

 If you want to blog remember you do not need to be fancy or poetic just tell us what you have on your mind for: help with your research, knowledge of where you live, wanting to help others, or what ever turns you on. Always great to mention your ancestors and share their names may find a distant kin that way.

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