Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tech Tuesday---- Google + Longest HangOut- Genealogy

 Google+ and the Longest Hangout has been an exciting place to visit for the last several weeks.
 Why you ask?  Because of the knowledge the other guests have and that they share freely and willingly.
  I might add also very patiently with me. You think it's my white and grey hair?  No, I told them I can
  talk Car Repair and lots of things but what I know about computers is basically self taught.

  You can imagine my delight when I was able to share about the  Flip Pal  Mobile Scanner.  I watched  this product in use at a Seminar in Hemet in February. It is on my MUST HAVE, list.

  I have found other products on the market that have most of these features but not the stitch for doing
  really large documents.

  I have a 1798 Land Deed that is approximately 2' x 2' 1/2.  To share this with others I would need the
  stitch feature.

  They in turn shared with me about a Cloud for saving your information off your computer safely.
  One was to be seen here and it is a La Cie product which pleases me because I have one back up
  system from them and have used them in the past.

    WualaTV's Channel - YouTube
    This explains it far better than I can.
    There are many great photographers that will share information and knowledge about camera's and
    settings, and absolutely fascinating is that a cell phone can create pictures as beautiful and clear
    as what has been shared with us.  Mortiz those pictures were just excellent and now I am thinking
    of maybe that is the type of cell phone I want instead of what I was thinking about.

     I carry a camera with me everywhere. I have witnessed accidents, and seen beautiful scenes that
     with camera on the shelf at home I would have missed.

     These Google +  people have shared about: Archeology, Astronomy, Photography, Storage
      Implementations, Family Histories, time for around the world(We really need that when globally
      Communicating), (worldtimeserver.com), Weathermen, News reporting ( Eric Chilton), Concert
      Creators(Michael Nast), and of course I must mention Johnathan, the  best friend of Andy Olsen
      the Google+ HangOut has.  Yes, there are other moderators and all are equally as important taking
      turns keeping things running smoothly around the clock. Pete, Wesley, Dan, Ashley, Mark, Phillip,
      Matt, Russ and others that are there when I am not visiting and sharing.
       I must not forget the great Google Translator tool.
        Tools - Google Translate

        I want to say a big thanks to Jason Gabriel for assisting all of us when we were tracking Hurricane
        Irene north through the states with the great urls he was able to share and we could keep posted
        on the happenings.
         Robert  K. thanks also for the explaining how to use some of the information.   Maybe this next
         week we can work more on genealogy. Wanda it is great to have another  genealogist in sharing
          in the chat.

        Having shared many a link with newbies and old timers alike. Some having success and being
        excited to find information they did not know was there. familysearch.org, usgenweb.org, &
        rootsweb.com( which changes to ancestry but is the free rootsweb area).

        Myself, was able to talk to a lady in lower Germany and she put a family name in a program she
        had and could tell me what areas I needed to search in Germany to track that name.

        Yes, she shared the link with me.

         Come join us on Google+HangOut and maybe we can help you get started whether it be
         Genealogy, Technology help, WebPage work, and I bet they have the knowledge to help
         give you clues to start your own business, in many computer related fields.

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