Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year-- 52 Weeks of Abundant Genealogy

Happy New Year-- 52 Weeks of Abundant Genealogy

We are off and running and the new year is already making strides to move us genealogists forward.

Amy Coffin has set up a new series.  The first topic is Blogs and why we are thankful for a blog, is it a new or old one and what is so special about it which really covers the last one that asks why should others read it.

 I have been at this more than two years and I have read many interesting, informational, fun, sad and
 quirky topic blogs.  But as I kept searching some how I found a blog I can really relate to.

 Top Posts on Writing, Ideas, & Making a Difference in 2011 | Goins, Writer

 I believe is also listed in the top ten bloggers out there. I know he made the list.

 Jeff Goins, writer, has the ability to share knowledge, easily understood and almost always his topics can apply to genealogy or any number of other topics. He has been writing for some time and I have followed him for about a year now. His tips and hints and comments are always helpful to me and I am sure they will be to many of you.

 Since being Educational Chairperson means to help others more and share the word, even though I
 majored in English and History in college, I felt I needed to brush up on my skills.  

 It is amazing how some Hawaiian, Tagalog, Spanish and other languages can creep into your thoughts and processing can change what you print and suddenly you say. DID I SAY THAT?  

 I love all the Genealogy Blogger blogs that I have read. Picking a favorite is really not a good way to start the new year and offend someone else. I have learned more from some and laughed or cried more with others. 

  I believe as a genealogist that blogs are critical for assistance in research.  In days of old, a short quick 
  query was accepted and wanted for space. A blog is out there and in your face if you so wish to see it.

  You can give more information and that helps to narrow down whom you are looking for.

   Wanting to thank Thomas M for making all this happen.

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