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Amanuensis Monday- George W. JONES son of Archibald Jones Jr

 George W. JONES
 He is the 2nd son of Archibald Jones Jr.

These people are descendants of Silas JONES SR.

They are collateral to my Noel, Noyes and Calvin JONES.

Is Archibald brother to NOEL? We are looking into it.  They lived near each other for many years in many same places.

Here is George W JONES   Obituary  sent by Stacy D. and other data on family.

BB 2(22), 1 (19 Dec 1889)
Consigned to the Tomb.
George W. Jones Passes Peacefully Away, and Is Laid t o R e s t .
On Saturday evening last, at the hour of 5:45, George W. Jones, after a long, painful illness, breathed his last, and a few minutes later the tolling of the village bell announced to the neighborhood that another soul had left earth for the realms beyond.

For many weeks his death has been expected daily, and almost hourly, but at this time it is no less sad to record. From the time that he moved to the village he was one of our leading citizens, and at the time of his demise was the Commander of the Grand Army post in this place. He was a zealous worker in county affairs, and no man in Benzonia took more interest in our section than he, always ready to help along a commendable project, equally quick to condemn a wrong. For years he was a member of the Congregational church and died, he asserted, in the Christian faith.

The funeral was held on Monday last, in the church of which he was a member. The pastors of both churches. Revs. O. B. Waters and W. H. Moore, occupied the pulpit, each speaking, briefly, words appropriate to the occasion.  The G.A.R. and W.R.C. attended the services in a body, and he was buried with Grand Army honors.

From a history of Cook county, Illinois, published in 1884 (*), we copy a few sentences, giving a brief record of a busy life:

GEORGE W. JONES. Postmaster and Dealer in Groceries, Provisions, Coal, Etc.

The business was established in 1870, by Race & Co., whom Mr. Jones bought out in 1883.

Mr. Jones was born in St. Lawrence county. N. Y., in 1838. He began business life in Sandusky. Ohio, and after wards engaged in the lumber business in Sanilac county, Michigan. In August, 1862, he enlisted in Company E. Third (indistinct), and served until the close of the war.
[May have been Company E, Sixty-sixth Regiment, Ohio Volunteer Infantry, Army of the Potomac.]
He was postmaster of the cavalry department of the Army of the Cumberland with the pay of a lieutenant-colonel. 

In 1865 he returned to Sandusky City, where he served on the staff of Sandusky Daily Register until 1868, when he removed to Chicago. In this city he engaged in dealing in grates and mantels, afterwards adding tin and galvanized iron manufactures. Selling out the former department in 1870. he continued in
the Iatter until 1878. From that time until 1883 he engaged in mining in Colorado and New Mexico.

Mr. Jones was married in Sandusky, Ohio, May 30, I866, to Miss Rose M. Dewey, of that city. They have three children. George C., Irving P., the first child born in Irving Park), and Rosa M.  Mr. Jones is a member of the F. & A. M. and the G. A. R. of Colorado. He is still mayor of the town of Maysville. Colorado (*).  He has been a delegate to both county and state conventions.

After leaving Irving Park, which he did in 1885, he went to Hot Springs. Arkansas. There he engaged in the hotel business for a year, and then came to Benzonia, continuing in the same occupation and serving the public faithfully to the time of his death.
[Note:  George W. Jones did not leave Irving Park, IL, directly after the Great Chicago fire of Oct. 1871, but continued his business there until 1878, when he engaged in mining in Maysville, CO from 1883 to 1885, when he then went Hot Springs, AK for a year in the hotel business, and then came to Benzonia in 1886 (!) after his Father Archibald Jones, and other family members had attempted to build their canal.] 

[There appears to be a period of time following the Tragedy of Crystal Lake in 1873 and the paddleboat fiasco in 1874, that Archibald Jones did not immediately leave Benzonia, but stayed around town to resolve his legal problems in 1875-7, before moving back to Marengo, IL (1880 U.S. Census).  The house that Archibald Jones bought from Dr. Walker remained in the Jones family together with another house down the street that was later rented by George W. Jones. He managed the Park Place Hotel from about 1886 until his death on 14 Dec. 1889.]  His father, Archibald Jones, returned from Ivy, Kansas to Benzonia, MI, in April of 1889 to visit his son George W. Jones, who had been ailing since early 1889.]

BB 1(18), 1 (22 Nov 1888)

Also 29 Nov 1888), 4 Dec 1888, 27 Dec 1888, 10 Jan 1889, 31 Jan 1889, 14 Feb 1889, 7 Mar 1889, 4 Apr 1889, 30 May 1889, etc.  Advertisement.

Park Place Hotel
Very pleasantly located. First class in every respect. Good livery and Sale Stable.
GEO. W. JONES, Proprietor. (no picture or illustration)

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