Saturday, January 28, 2012

Sorting, Surnames Saturday.

Sorting, Surnames Saturday

 Yes, I combined them together. Surnames are a big topic for bloggers right now and sorting them out family by family is part of the game.

 This week I myself have received a manuscript on a part of my husband's ever elusive family, shared by a cousin just up the coast from here.

 Yes, Ydna played a major roll in resolving some major answers for this lineage.  Once put on the right track it was amazing the family we found so close and that fit into much of the family lore.

 So I am going to be sorting the lineages from the manuscript and sharing with others over time.

 On my parents family lineages I also have sorting to do of documents and photos.  Dad went in 1995 and Mom went Jan of 2011.  It has been a year, so it is time these things were addressed.

 A blogging acquaintance in Rhode Island posted her surnames for several generations for others to see.
 I am only going to post the ones I am currently looking at and working on, so I can be able to respond to
 anyone that may have the same lineage.

 Recent email regarding:

 Mary Ann LEE b 1770 Leesley Valley VA d 1844 Windsor Twp, Lawrence Co. Oh
    Her parents: John Lee b 1745? Francis Ward  her husband Edmund Brammer

 Susana /Lurana (Payne?) SCOTT, court records say Lurana court records of Lurana Scott vs Armisted
    Watlington, May 18,1785 Halifax Co. VA. Wd of Thomas Scott b 1730? death 1767 Halifax Co.
    VA. have his Will
 Susan MADISON b 24 Mar 1818, Mass/VT d 13 Feb 1881 Chickasaw Co. IA area. have documents.
     m around 1830 Mass/NY,  Noyes JONES spouse.

 Susannah JONES (married name) in Petersburg Court Records, Rensealaer Co. NY 1810 recording
      birth of her son NOYES JONES 1809, father was Noel JONES. Was she a NOYES?

 Abbey COOK, 1739-1784 daughter Hannah Wright b 11 Mar 1781 Lewiston, Androscoggin
     Co. Maine, Husband was Jesse WRIGHT b 1730- 1784 from Mass.

  Esther (THOMAS ?) EASTMAN b 1796 lived CT when son born,1834, died prob. Ill where husband
      moved, when land purchased 1849. husband Abijah Stoddard EASTMAN b 1778- 10 Mar 1852

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