Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tuesday's Tip SW Pennsylvania, WVA, VA and Maryland information

Tuesday's Tip

It seems an acquaintance of mine is thinking the same paths as mine. So I will veer to the left and do a different concept.

Since joining the Bloggers group, I have found a few more distant relatives.  Of course, for me that was the major reason I wanted to blog, was to find more information and share more information.

Years ago a distant cousin and I developed a plan and created a web page or two, for sharing some of our common ancestral lines.  She does the pages and we both find the data.

She is recovery from  a major illness and back working on the web pages that got a bit tattered and torn.

Since it has a good share of my Mom's lines on the pages, I thought I would share it here as a Tuesday's Tip.

We got so large we moved the sources to the second site.  We still have some links missing and pages and pictures to replace.

So if you are interested in some of my Mom's lines you may want to learn what is here.

 If your interested in SW Pennyslvania, WVA, VA and Maryland there is many records from many sources here.
Mine accidents, church records, land deeds, links to collateral cousins site that shares a line with us also are here so take a look and enjoy.

Feed back appreciated and if related, do drop us a line.  SusiCP@Cox.net or SusiCP@aol.com

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