Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Words of Wisdom I hope we Heed

  Genealogy Moving and Moving Too Fast Maybe?

Recently I responded to the comments on," Blogging making one an Expert" and on "What is the meaning of a Genealogical Community".

 These comments can be found here:Defining the Genealogy Community - Comments and Thoughts - Genealogy Wise

 The feedback was interesting, but my thoughts  differ a bit.  I think the Genealogical Community is going to experience some growing pains but not for what was mentioned.

 But here is  my reply back to my original blog

I definitely do not think because one Blogs your an expert.  Nor does it make one an expert of any thing but the ability to blog ie talk in writing format. 
What has frightened me is the way the  techie people have taken off and left the rest in the dust so to speak.
I wanted to learn how to do this feature but there are so many doing it, I think it would be a waste of my time now. I can not keep up with all the lessons,suggestions and ideas being put out by so many people.
So I have somewhat withdrawn myself back into more of a shell regarding these features. I brought these features to our society because I wanted them aware, then suddenly we are drowning with them.
I learned many areas of the USA are not up to this techie stuff yet so we are really sweeping them off the feet and running full steam ahead and away.  Shucks some areas can hardly get internet or cell phone reception yet the USA acts like we are all living down town major city with all amenities.

This I know from personal experience  in two different areas of this great  country we are not all up and running on the internet or on cell phones due to lack of access. Since then I have learned of other areas that the cost is prohibitive to have Internet or Cell phones. 

 So Genealogists take heed. New ways are great but do not give up the old ways until this country catches up electronically.  Maybe that is why I still prefer a book instead of Kindle.

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  1. Susi,
    What kinds of technologies did you introduce to your genealogical society? Which ones do you regret? I ask because of my own involvement in our local society.