Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sunday's Thoughts on the Past Week

Sunday's Thoughts on the Past Week

 As we get older we get maybe Wiser, much has been fluttering by in the Genealogical World of late.
 Some of it really is so not necessary and some only makes it flutter more. Attention it does give us,
 whether it is good or bad.  It is always best to iron our wrinkles before they split.

 I truly do not believe that blogging by anyone makes them an expert no matter what they blog about.
 But the blogging person can become or can be an expert in some particular area of the realm.

 I truly believe the quality of a blog is the reflection of the person. I am not great and probably not good
 but the knowledge I  have, I love to share with those who do not have, to help them move along the way.

 Wishing when younger I had been exposed to a mentor to teach me things I am now correcting.
 Then many things weren't needed for you to do your genealogy.  Primary was to record the family stories and save them for the future generations.  No one said," O cite that source or we can't use it." The need of the information carried a greater weight than the now needed data.  My Grandparents were alive and much of my work came from them first hand, they had lived it or remembered it and were involved in it.

 When I helped to develop the CVGS way back in the 1980s with Geni Powell, and others I am grateful for they helped me  learn more and I shared with them what I had learned as I moved along the path.

 I am not sure  I like the idea of whose blog is best, and who's counts the most. Sometimes I think it only adds fuel to the flutter.  Maybe it should be which topic did you like the best and learn the most from, but then we all have our ideas on that too.  Some may need information on New England some may need information on how to cite a gravestone information to the genealogical program, for each the field is varied so we must watch our fingers as they move across the keys and promote everyone to do their best of their ability.

 Being a lover of mentoring and sharing, grabbing a partner to work with has helped me over the years.
 It helped to develop what we today have as a Brick Wall Research group in our society, which many now do also use in some format.

 I only wish with the start of this year that everyone can break at least one brick wall down and find a connecting link to more relatives and family of the past and present.

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