Friday, January 13, 2012

Following Friday Where to Explore Next?

Following Friday   Where to Explore Next?

Liking my change of thoughts on what I should be sharing on my blog,  Deciding to pull things from the dark and bring unto the light.  O yes, some may be in your light but others have not seen them so I wander around in various areas and have come up with some neat places to haunt for a while.

Having joined a writing group, a theme group(again), and wandering around looking for clues,
suspecting that someone else may enjoy these tidbits too.

There are many new start up social type groups, new blogs about content when you write, how to score a job and not even be looking and the list goes on.

 Here is some of the haunts I found this week and last.

True Miracles with Genealogy

It is a newsletter format regarding genealogy and events affecting them. It comes from Utah.

The other one is:


The Pros and Cons of Comparing Yourself to Other Writers

A guest post by K.M. Weiland of Wordplay: Helping Writers Become Authors

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