Thursday, January 12, 2012

How would you encourage someone to read genealogy blogs?

How would you encourage someone to read genealogy blogs?

Dear Mr. Bill,
Thanks for asking that question.  Here is my reply. Showing them that this is what a blog can do for you.

1. blogs were created to be large queries that the new mega engines? could catch when surfing the web.
2. the old query message was to be short and concise and limited for internet space, new engines find it hard to catch.
3. a blog can give a better detailed synopsis of the problem
4. blogs for me are generally written in a larger type than the old query.
5. blogs are more educational over all about the topic.
6. blogs share, the history of area at times, the time line possibly, the collateral names maybe mentioned, collateral places or events shared.
7. it only takes a tidbit here and there to find the answer and the blog creates bigger tidbits to read and learn.
8. I had forgotten how much fun it was to read a full story instead of a brief: name, place, date, event.
9. As you know your one blog borders on an area that family was from so I am slowly learning more about that area of Iowa and I do not have to go to library or to state to see or learn.
10. Blog reading is mini stories and adventures and creates happiness, sadness, excitement and jumping for joy at times.

I have attempted to get every person I know to blog their query but have not had luck.  But we first need to help them not be afraid of the computer and how to use the computer and that it is their friend. This we recently learned at our Research Meeting, led by Randy Seaver.

Our world is really not as far into the technical world as we would all love to think. I did a blog on this the other day. To many areas of the USA does not have access to utilize and or are cost prohibitive on a retired pay.

 My hope is we do not speed forward and leave some of the best researchers behind due to technology and yes I still encourage people to use paper and pencil.  Since books have been a round a few hundred years or  more and the technical stuff changes on almost a daily basis.

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